Give your bathroom an instant makeover with luxurious bathroom accessories

Bored of the way your bathroom looks? Want to renovate your bathroom, but don’t have the time for it? What if we tell you that replacing some of the accessories or perhaps by adding a few, you can give your bathroom a subtle but novel makeover?

Choosing accessories is an art and a pleasing part of the decor process. But there are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind when shopping for new bathroom accessories. In this article, we’ll talk about a few tips and tricks of buying accessories that will instantly spruce up your current bathroom in no time.

Choosing the right finish

Look at the bathroom’s current theme in terms of color scheme, layout and overall ambiance.  This will help you assess what kind of accessories will contribute to the bathroom look and feel.

Brass:Since some of us may be hesitant when it comes to adding darker shades to the bathroom, brass finish continues to gain popularity for those looking to stray away from classic whites and beige. Bathroom accessories like brass trays, brass soap dispenser, brass toothbrush holders etc. can add finesse and panache to any ordinary bathroom setting. What more? Brass finish accessories guarantee to remain rust-free forever!

Concrete: Modern day bathrooms are transforming into personalized day spas and detailing of concrete finished accessories make a tranquil addition to any bathroom decor. Since most concrete based accessories are handmade, the variation in texture and color add beautiful and organic essence to the decor.

Metallic: Give your bathroom a glamorous twist with metallic bathroom accessories. Metallic finish is timeless, neutral and guarantees to stand the test of time. That being said, we encourage mix and match of warm metals with neutral shades (like black and brown) in order to add warmth and texture to the ambience. Add details to your bathroom with complimenting hardware, light fixtures, and mirrors as well.

Spice it up, just a little more!

Now that you have finalized the type of finish you would like to go with, it’s time for some finishing touches that would make the bathroom look perfect.

Invest in some eclectic collection of towels to set the mood. The style and finish of towels you choose will majorly depend on your personal preferences. Neutral colors like black, beige, white, and grey are timeless. But if you wish to add a dash of color to your neutral bathroom tone, go for a range of vibrant coloured towels.

Utensil Trays: Sometimes all you need is a clean and dry place to put down your jewelry or other trinkets before you wash your hands or get into the shower. A metallic or wooden utensil tray is the perfect place for all those odds and ends. For a fun pop of color, add brightly colored tray sets. These trays can be used for displaying towels and scented candles as well.

Bath Mats/Rugs: Besides being a decorative addition to the bathroom, bath mats or rugs ensure your bath stays dry.  Bright colored mats – you may say predictable choice, but we say that it is the most convenient way to add colors and style to any bathroom.  They look modern and add elements that help it to feel unique to your personality.

Keep it Subtle

Do not go overboard with accessories. Select two or three upgrades from different types of bathroom accessories and make sure that they don’t compete for attention. For instance, if you wish to buy a soap dispenser and tissue box, make sure that both reflect the same theme, perhaps can be bought in the same finish to maintain unity and continuity. On the other hand, multicolor floor rugs or printed curtains may not be a good idea if the current theme of your bathroom demands neutral accents.

Whether you are thinking to get a full renovation of your bathroom or simply make a few changes here and there to enhance the current ambience, changing a few accessories could be a good way to start.

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