Dress your home for luxury!

There are times when all you really want is a beautiful, cozy home to get back to. A luxurious space where each product tells a story, each home accessory adds the elegance to the overall ambience of your go-to place. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

With 55 Luxe, It doesn’t have to be just a dream.

There are certain products which help bring that stylish edge your room needs. Certain unique accentuations which create the panache you’ve been wanting to live with and breathe in. These little additions to your home can range from layered lighting concepts to something as simple as the perfect seating arrangements. Just those little tweaks which transcend your humble abode to the dream you want to live.

Here are our essential picks to help you create the feeling of luxe at home:

1. Concept Tables:

Concept tables are the quintessential change that can give an instant make over to your room or lounge. Unlike Console or coffee tables, they can be moved around the area for different occasions to whatever suits your taste. They can be styled differently each time.

Showcased here, our best seller Nirav Concept Table. It can be styled with home décor items like vases & sculptures, or books and candles. It can also be reoriented as a bar in between the sofa seating of your room. This contemporary unit can add a touch of glamour to your basic room and make it look stylish.

2. Stack up Vases

Stacking-up is a big style statement at the moment. Whether you are styling your clothes or your home, it adds a fine detail focus to a boring outfit or wall area that can be over-looked sometimes. Stacking up looks attractive with group vases of different sizes and shapes put together in a decorative arrangement. You can add flowers to tall vases, the most common complement for a vase. If you would like to have a permanent decoration in it, add artificial flowers. In the smaller vases you can add succulent plants which are a complete rage at the moment and are extremely easy to manage. Tiny vases are fine standing on their own or can be used as tiny tea light candle holders.

Here featured are the Caldera and Gaia collection from 55 Luxe.

3. Bookends

The idea to make your home feel more stylish and luxurious is set in the little details. Candles and flowers make excellent accessories except they have a common visual appeal. Bookends on the other hand are rarely used as decorative pieces. They make a console table or coffee table look elegant if the correct pieces are used. Pile up books according to a colour scheme or use vibrant books to a give a dash of colour between the bookends. You can even decorate bookends on a coffee table along with coffee table books. Books add a texture to your interiors and bookends inexpensively add style too.

Here featured are The Antique Silver Dog Bookend and The Boho Elephant Bookend from 55 Luxe.

4. Lounge chairs:

Lounge chairs are the perfect complementary seating arrangement that can make your space look luxurious and also make it comfy. Grandfather chairs are synonymous with cozy. They are stylish and impeccable and add life to the less used corners of your living room. You can add a Grandfather lounge chair to a plain wall and make a cozy reading nook. Add some texture with a blanket and some candles. Finish the look by placing a beautiful mirror and a lamp with it.

Featured here: Regents Park Black Velvet Tall Porter Chair from 55 Luxe.

5. Wall Mirrors:

Wall mirrors are a fashionable statement piece for your home. Having a large decorative mirror hung on the walls of your living room creates an illusion of a larger space. You can decorate an empty wall in your home with a wall mirror as it gives a sophisticated touch. You can add various styles, shapes and color and the wall mirror is the classic wall decoration. Modern wall mirrors are increasingly creative and unique. They go well as a standalone element or with a matching console table.

Featured here: Kensington Townhouse Copper Mirror and Kensington Townhouse Wall Mirror from 55 Luxe.

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