Bring Luxe-mi Home this Diwali

Diwali is just around the corner and the gift hunting has begun. All of us exchange a gazillion gifts with our near and dear ones. However, we forget to treat our own homes with the same love and compassion. This Diwali, gift luxury to your home and celebrate with it. Here are a couple of home decoration items online that you might want to use to adorn your living space this year.

1 Candle stands

Lighting, being one of the most important aspects of Diwali, can be accentuated with these opulent candle stands. Instead of going with the usual and boring Diyas and candles for lighting up the space, use something artistic to add taste to your décor. Candle stands like these radiate pure luxury through their premium finish and design.

2 Lanterns

A decorative feature on its own, the lanterns will make a wonderful feature on your mantle, window sill or for decoration in your lawns and drive ways. Lanterns instantly add a rich antique look to any décor. The pyramid style frame or the dome shape securely holds glass windows to display the candle inside. An elegant feature in your dining room or living area, these lanterns accentuate the decor further with a candle lit inside, radiating style and light into your room.

3 Royal Vases

Incorporate a luxuriously vintage vibe into interiors of your home with a set of royal vases. The richness of these vases will complement the traditional setting of Diwali. Instead of using a single vase/ planter, you can consider decorating your table with a set of different shapes and sizes of the same collection.

4 Decorative Jars

Last but certainly not the least on our list is decorative jar. Invest in an exquisite set of decorative jars for show or to store. This will definitely enhance the look of your home and the experience of your guests.

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